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Services by Vital Signs, Inc has four rate tiers:
  • Regular Day Appointments (Monday - Friday)

  • Non-scheduled Appointments

  • Regular Evening (after 6:00pm) and Weekend Appointments

  • Holiday and Emergency Request


Please allow one of our knowledgeable specialist to assist you in determining the best solution for your interpreting needs.


If the duration of the interpreting services you are requesting exceed 1.5 hours (Classes, workshops, lectures, conferences, training sessions, stage productions, etc.) and consist of continuous dialog, you may require more than one interpreter.  Please speak to one of our specialist to determine if applies to your request.   


All interpreting services includes a portal to portal charge.


Cancellation and No-Show Policy:

If the appointment is cancelled with a 24 hours notice  or more than one full working day notice there will be no charge.


Notification of a cancelation with less than 24 hours notice or one full working day,  you will be charged for the appointment as scheduled. If the interpreter arrives for the assignment and your deaf consumer fails to arrive, the interpreter customarily will wait 30 minutes or until dismissed by you or a representative at your location.  If at that time the Deaf consumer has not arrived, the appointment will be considered a cancellation and charged as such.



You will be invoiced after services are received. Payment for services are due upon receipt of your invoice.

Late fees will be assessed on balances that are 30 days past due.



We accept payment by check, money order, EFT, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

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